Uncategorized The 100 Most Expensive Things in the World in 2022

The 100 Most Expensive Things in the World in 2022

The 100 Most Expensive Things in the World in 2022

#100 The world’s most expensive rice – US$109 (per kg)

The rice: The rice, sold by Toyo Rice Corporation, is made up of six different rice varieties and won golden awards at an international rice evaluation contest in 2015, where it was named “The World’s Best Rice”.

The price tag: US$109 per kilogram to set the record for most expensive.Related: These are the wealthiest Canadian actors of 2021.Tony Hawk stands in front of a promotional image for his skateboard video gameGETTY IMAGES2 / 100

#99 The world’s most expensive skateboard video game – US$151

The game: OK, so the sticker shock on this one isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but we’re sure when Tony Hawk released Tony Hawk: RIDE (2009) he had high hopes to align with what was a very high release price for specialized video games at the time.

The price tag: On its release, the skateboard video game cost US$151, which was considered justified based on its use of new technology in the motion-sensing skateboard element that was sold with the game.

The facts: Innovative technology and the draw of Tony Hawk’s name wasn’t enough to make the game work and while it holds the record for most expensive skateboard video game ever released, it was a critical and commercial failure.See also: The 20 wealthiest skateboarders in the world.dark-haired woman holding a white mugUNSPLASH3 / 100

#98 The world’s most expensive coffee pod – US$273 for a box of five pods

The coffee pod: Singapore-based company, Medano Coffee PTE LTD.

The price tag: Holding this Guinness World Record means you’ll be paying US$273 for a box of five pods (shelling out just under US$55 per pod).

The facts: 100 per cent Arabica beans sourced from Asia and packaged in Singapore, these pods are compatible with Nespresso machines.young woman with dark hair applying face creamPEXELS4 / 100

#97 The world’s most expensive anti-aging serum – US$1,800 (per ounce!)

The serum: The JK7 Rejuvenating Serum uses rare natural ingredients from around to world to deliver a potent skin care solution.

The price tag: Forbes has this one pegged as the most expensive anti-aging serum on the market – and at US$1,800 per ounce, we can see why!Related: The best Korean skincare brands you can find in Canada.A closeup of sushiPEXELS5 / 100

#96 The world’s most expensive sushi – nearly US$2,000

The sushi: Nigiri sushi, prepared by Chef Angelito Araneta Jr., of the Philipines.

The price tag: US$1,978.

The facts: The record-setting sushi, prepared in 2010, was garnished with diamonds and wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf.You may also like: Here’s why you should eat more pineapple.Video gameAMAZON6 / 100

#95 The world’s most expensive XBOX 360 videogame – US$2,999

The game:Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition.

The price tag: Sold by Damien Fraimorice to a buyer for US$2,999 making it the highest amount ever paid for a single video game.You may also like: Video games can help mental health, study says.home office with keyboard and mouseUNSPLASH7 / 100

#94 The world’s most expensive keyboard – US$4,240

The keyboard: Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan.

The price tag: US$4,240.

The facts: While you may think holding the record for highest cost is strictly tech-related in this case, the keyboard’s design elements play a major role in the price tag, featuring keys hand-coated in Urushi lacquer before being dusted with gold. Nearly impossible to track down, you can settle for a more budget-friendly version with their basic model, available on Amazon.Maori tribe youth wears a Huia featherGETTY IMAGES8 / 100

#93 The world’s most expensive feather – over US$5,000

The feather: The Huia bird feather, a now extinct species, considered the most valuable feathers on the planet.

The price tag: Most recently sold at an auction in New Zealand, a Huia bird feather sold for over US$5,000.

The facts: The value in this feather is in its rarity. Now extinct, the remaining feathers are the last in existence, and to the wealthy collector, worth every penny.You may also like:  10 young Indigenous women leading the way for the next generation.A man lights a match against a matchbook in the darkPEXELS9 / 100

#92 The world’s most expensive matchbook – US$6,000

The matchbook:Matchbook created for a rare Charles Lindbergh dinner celebration from 1927.

The price tag: US$6,000, purchased by Kevin Saucier in 2015.You may also like: 20 companies you didn’t realize were Canadian.Pile of jeans by a city windowGETTY IMAGES10 / 100

#91 The world’s most expensive (commercially available) jeans – US$10,000

The jeans: Escada’s Couture Swarovski Crystal Jeans.

The price tag: The jeans start at US$7,500, with no cap based on customizations. The most expensive pair ever sold to date cost US$10,000.

The facts: These jeans top Forbes’ list and hold the Guiness World Record for most expensive jeans. Escada offers customizable options such as choosing 14-carat gold or silver rivets, diamond buttons, and of course, additional Swaorvski crystals.

Though not available commercially (leaving this record with Escada) honourable mention goes to the limited-edition Damien Hirst “Spin” Jeans, of which only eight pairs were ever made and sold for US$27,000.Bar shelf with liquor bottlesGETTY IMAGES11 / 100

#90 The world’s most expensive cocktail – US$12,500

The cocktail: dubbed “the Winston” by its creator, Joel Heffernan at Club 23 (Australia).

The price tag: US$12,500.

The facts: The cocktail contained 60 ml of Croizet’s 1858 ‘Cuvee Leonie’ cognac — a cognac which also happens to hold its own Guinness record as the most expensive ever to be sold at auction.See also: Top 10 cheapest, most frugal celebrities.Man holds a glass of cognac up against an ocean backdrop at sunsetGETTY IMAGES12 / 100

#89 The world’s most expensive shot of cognac – US$14,000

The cognac: Rome De Bellegarde.

The price tag: The record for the world’s most expensive shot of cognac was set in March 2018, with a shot of Rome De Bellegarde cognac costing just over US$14,000.

The facts: Only 67 bottles have been decanted, with Ranjeeta Dutt McGroarty being credited as having purchased the first 40ml shot.Yellow Lego bricks stacked to create the symbol for moneyGETTY IMAGES13 / 100

#88 The world’s most expensive LEGO brick – US$14,450

The LEGO brick: a 14-carat gold LEGO brick.

The price tag: The brick was sold via collector website Brick Envy, where CNET notes it was purchased by an anonymous buyer for a staggering US$14,450.

The facts: The 25.6-g brick was originally given as a gift from LEGO to their long-serving employees, offered between 1979 and 1981.See also: 16 great jobs for women in trades.Californian Spangled catGETTY IMAGES14 / 100

#87 The world’s most expensive cat – US$24,000

The cat: Californian Spangled Cat.

The price tag: US$24,000.

The facts: The cat was sold in 1987 at the record price and was notably also the display cat from the 1986 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. However, the record no longer mentions the breed, which is also not listed on the The International Cat Association’s website.Related: All cat breeds as zodiac signs.The Duke and Duchess of Windsor on their wedding dayGETTY IMAGES15 / 100

#86 The world’s most expensive piece of wedding cake ever sold – US$29,000

The cake: A piece of cake from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s 1937 wedding.

The price tag: US$29,900, sold at an auction in Sotheby’s New York in 1998 to Benjamin and Amanda Yin of San Francisco.

The facts: While most people may not understand the lure of spending a small fortune (and setting a record in the process) on a piece of dated (though preserved) wedding cake, the thrilled buyer  is quoted as saying, “It is almost unimaginable to have such an item exist. It represents the epitome of a great romance.” We say, let them eat cake! But hopefully not.Related: The most beautiful royal wedding gowns and what they cost.White mugsPEXELS16 / 100

#85 The world’s most expensive mug – over US$33,000

The mug: Nestle Thai Ltd. purchased the 23-carat gold mug, produced by Yoo Long Kim Kee Gold Store in Bangkok, Thailand.

The price tag: Nestle Thai purchased the mug for US$33,842 in 2008.You may also like: 15 things you didn’t know about your morning coffee.A chef prepares a plate of food which includes a garnish of “Almas” caviarGETTY IMAGES17 / 100

#51 The world’s most expensive caviar (and most expensive food) – US$34,500

The caviar: “Almas” Iranian Beluga.

The price tag: US$34,500 per kilogram.

The facts: The record-holding caviar is produced from the eggs of an albino sturgeon between 60-100 years

#50 The world’s most expensive commercially available video game console cover – US$35,000

The cover: A gold, diamond and crocodile special-edition jacket cover. 

The price tag: US$35,000 for a PlayStation Portable (PSP) jacket. 

The facts: The jacket features 8 black and gold diamonds, 14-carat gold and a crocodile finish on the back.

#49 Youngest Indian Person to travel Expensive Short Tourist trip and eat the most expensive dinner

The Expensive Trip and Dinner: Dr Girish Mittal is the first Youngest Person in India, Who have the eat most expensive dinner and Who has travelled to Expensive Short Tourist trip at the age of 26.

The price tag: US$1,93,280 for Short Expensive Trip And US$ 31,257 For Dinner.

The Facts: Short Expensive Trip Spend Costly Hotel, Burj Khalifa Picture and Dinner Gold Plated Coffee, Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice-Cream, Gold Pasta-Samo and Some Other items

#48 The world’s most expensive baseball – over US$3 million

The baseball: The one used by Mark McGwire in his 70th and final home run with the St. Louis Cardinals after a record season in 1998.

The price tag: US$3,054,000, purchased by Todd McFarlane in 1999 at Guernsey’s auction house in New York City.

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