Family,Tripmid Advisors A monsoon treat- Shimla

A monsoon treat- Shimla

Yes, it was like a treat when we (me and my sister’s family) planned to go to Shimla on a monsoon weekend on 1st August,2015. It was saturday and we were supposed to leave at 5.00 am sharp on this 109 km, 3 hrs (approx.)journey from Panchkula to Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, India.

As it was monsoon season in North India we were expecting rain at any point of time during our short journey. The way is all through the hills and not so often landslides during rains make it little risky, but when the green carpet welcomes you all the way its worth it.

The very morning of our planned day we opened our eyes with sounds of raining outside, anyhow we did not wanted to cancel this trip and moved further hoping it would stop.

We went on an Adventure Edition of Renault Duster which was quite comfortable during this loopy journey to the hill station.
We left at 5.30 am (half an hour late due to rain)and reached our destination at 8.30 am( still raining) without much encounter with traffic on the way (being the benefit of travelling early morning).

The day has yet started and we had a full day and a night to get involved in the beauty of Shimla ( though its crowdy during weekends.) We took a Pent house on rent for one day (INR 15000) in a hotel named Combermere which was well known by the locals for its Hot location and best services.Most of the bollywood celebrities had also been there as told us by locals and the hotel staff. The best part of taking this hotel was the easy access to the Mall road and the Ridge from the terrace, and you are at the Mall road in no time whether it be any necessity or just a walk.

The view from the balcony of our pent house was really awesome. The clouds were greeting us and when they are not there we were able to see the whole shimla.

After getting fresh we went to the Mall road and the Ridge, the open space on top of the hill. There are many attractions. One can be clicked by the photographers in traditional Himachali dress or with the beautiful background of mountains. Horse ride can also be enjoyed there. Other attractions also include Jakhoo mandir (a hindu temple of lord Hanuman), Christ church, Summer Hill ( a small town), Rashtrapati niwas, and Museum. As we went to jakhu temple earlier and having just one day with us skipped other places in which children with us will not be interested much.

Walking down the mall road then we met a travel agent who pro missed us to take to a new place which was an adventure park for both kids and elders and to a zoo later at Kufri, another hill station (20 km approx.)from Shimla. As we were both kids and elders in our group we hired him with a cab (INR 850 to and fro only). It was a nice adventure park to be at (tickets cost INR 1200 for both amusement and adventure areas and INR 700 for amusement area only). At the zoo it was really amazing to see that there was a narrow path to walk on and the animals were like in open. The path was covered with high fences for the safety of visitors. There were Tiger, leopard, bears and other animals also.
Earlier we were not interested in visiting zoo as we were like exhausted since early morning wakeup but after we went there we were happy to take a walk in the jungle. The feeling was not like we were at a zoo.

Around 5.00 pm we came back to the hotel. At this time the entire family was tired. After 1 hr break while kids went to enjoy some hot water bath in theJacuzzi, me and my sister were upto an evening walk on the mall road ( of course for shopping some stuff). It was still drizzling but the drops were so little that u feel them on your face, want to buy an umbrella but again u feel dry, still drizzling. (Thats something i am not able to write in words.)

The long day has come to the evening and another plans started rolling into our minds. We planned to go to the night club which was in the hotel only but unfortunately was not able to make as the club was clossed after 10.00 pm if there is no one. Not justifiable but we were not in a mood to spoil our moods just for this reason. We both (me and my sister)after having dinner spent 2 hours till 2.00 am at the terrace watching the beauty at the night.

The Shimla was sparkling like the crown of a queen. It was mesmerizing. We could spend there the whole night just looking at stars but then came the security guard saying “Madam mujhe lights off karni hai”, that he needs to switch off the lights of the terrace. We nodded him yes as we were known that switching off the lights can never switch off the endless talks between sisters. (The best part of the journey.)

Finally, the long day has come to its end.
The next morning we had the breakfast and came back to Panchkula in between making further plans. It was a nice weekend.

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